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28 May 2014 @ 09:45 pm
Fic + Art [Pending] "Solitary"  
Title: Solitary
Author: tprillahfiction
Artists: readysetagogo (tumblr)  &   ochereloquence
Universe: AOS (and some TOS) AU
Rating: NC-17
Spock Prime/Leonard McCoy, Spock Prime/James Kirk, Spock Prime/James Kirk/Leonard McCoy, James Kirk/Leonard McCoy, Leonard McCoy/Various
Wordcount: 40,000 approx.
Warnings: Rape. Non-con/dub-con. Drug Abuse. Alcohol use/abuse. Smoking. Prostitution. Horror themes.  Explicit sex.  Violence. Triggery themes.
Tropes: Hurt/comfort, dystopia
Summary: In this AU, Nero has gone one step further. There is no Starfleet. Earth along with Vulcan has been destroyed. On Prema, a dystopian Romulan planet, Jim Kirk is an inmate of a penal colony who has gone insane. Spock Prime is his jailer. Leonard McCoy is Spock Prime’s drug addicted lover. Only Nero knows and Spock Prime comes to know how things should be. Spock Prime sets about trying to make things right and Nero is determined to stop him.

Link to fic at AO3 HERE   (In process of being fully posted) with embedded artwork.
Link to art: TBA