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08 June 2014 @ 12:37 pm
Spock Prime Big Bang Masterpost  


Links lead to the masterpost for each fic, where you will find full summaries and warnings. Fics marked (*) are a WIP at the time of posting.

Definition [fic + art]
*AOS, PG13, 50k+, Spock/Jim Kirk much later in the story, mentioned Spock Prime/ Jim Kirk Prime, Pike/Number One, others

Growing Into You [fic + art]
AOS, PG13, 11.5k, Jim/Spock Prime, Spock/Uhura

A Long Time Coming [fic + art] Art for this fic is available here and here
AOS, PG, 11.9k, Spock Prime/Kirk Prime

The Long And Winding Road [fic + art]
*AOS, Mature, 46k+, Spock Prime/Kirk

Mercy [mix + covers]
AOS, Kirk/Spock Prime (reference to Kirk/Spock Prime/Spock in one song)

(Mostly) Domestic Bliss [fic + art + mix]
AOS, Teen, 12k, Jim Kirk/Spock Prime

Quondam Rex [fic + art]
AOS, G, 31k, past Spock Prime/Jim Prime

A Renaissance of Human Emotion [fic]
AOS with TOS flashbacks, Teen, 20k, James T. Kirk/Spock Prime, Kirk Prime/Spock Prime

Reh-vla (Triangle) [art]
AOS, R, Spock Prime/Spock/Kirk, Spock Prime/Kirk Prime

AOS, Mature, 11k, James T. Kirk/Spock Prime

Solitary [fic + art]
*AOS, NC-17, 40k, Spock Prime/Leonard McCoy, Spock Prime/James Kirk, Spock Prime/James Kirk/Leonard McCoy, James Kirk/Leonard McCoy, Leonard McCoy/Various

Your Trouble Is In You [fic + art]
AOS and TOS, Teen, 25.7k, Spock Prime/Kirk Prime, Spock Prime/Kirk, Spock/Kirk, and background Spock/Uhura

Untitled [art]
Spock portrait