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08 May 2014 @ 04:09 pm
[fic + art + mix] (Mostly) Domestic Bliss  
Mostly Domestic Bliss

Title: (Mostly) Domestic Bliss
Author: museaway
Artist: cannedebonbon & emilywritescrap
Mixer: singbackxlouder
Universe (AOS/TOS): AOS
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Kirk/Spock Prime (mention of Bones/Carol)
Wordcount: 12k
Warnings: None
Summary: This story supposes two things: 1) Jim dropped out of Starfleet and is an architect. 2) He is married to Spock Prime, and they live on New Vulcan. These are their continuing domestic adventures.

Link to fic (with embedded art): AO3
Link to Candy's art: Livejournal or Tumblr
Link to Emily's art: Tumblr
Link to mix: 8tracks
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